I was doing so many hikes in the northwest that I needed to start a spreadsheet to keep track of all of them. All of the trails and some photos featured here. For any of the Washington state hikes, visit the Washington Trail Association website for detailed driving directions and the latest trail information.

Pacific Northwest Hikes

Hike Total Distance (miles) Elevation Gain (feet) Description
Franklin Falls 2 400 Very easy hike 1 hour east of Seattle in Snoqualmie. You can walk right up to the waterfall.
Multnomah Falls 2.6 700 This is just outside Portland. Epic waterfall. Tourist spot. Easygoing hike up to the top.
Deception Pass 2.5 890 There are a lot of mini hikes in the area. I did Sugarloaf mountain, Mt Erie, Whistle Lake, and Goose Rock all within a few hours. The beach under the Deception Pass bridge is a great place to relax afterwards.
Heather Lake 4.6 1034 This is a beautiful easygoing hike. The trail loops around the entire lake and there are some big rocks to relax on for a break.
Rattlesnake Ledge 4 1160 Touristy hike, but good beginner level hike with rewarding views.
Talapus and Ollallie Lakes 6.2 1220 Great moderate hike in Snoqualmie, 2 for 1 lakes!
Wallace Falls 5.6 1330 This is off highway 2, over an hour from Seattle. Nice views of the waterfall from a distance, but you aren't able to get right up to it.
Little Si 4.7 1300 This neighbors bigger Mount Si but is not as difficult.
Denny Creek 6 1345 Denny Creek is an easygoing hike in Snoqualmie. Nice spots to relax along and on the creek.
Lake 22 5.4 1350 Relatively moderate alpine lake hike.
Mt Rainier - Skyline Trail Loop 6 1400 Moderate hike in Mt Rainier National Park. Great views of the mountain. You might be able to see marmots hanging around or wildflowers blooming.
Annette Lake 7.5 1400 Did this hike in the fall so it was a bit icy up top.
Kamikaze Falls 6 1420 1 hour east of Seattle in Snoqualmie. Nice pleasant waterfall view on the way up, but no view up top.
Snow Lake 7.2 1800 One of my favorite moderate-level hikes in Washington. Beautiful views of a bright blue lake.
Margaret Lake 6 1800 Got a bit lost driving to the trailhead. Don't turn left at 3.9 mile mark, stay on the road and then take an immediate left on the fork. Amazing hike with Mt. Rainier views, pretty lake at the top.
Poo Poo Point 7.2 1858 This is less than an hour drive from Seattle and a good moderate hike with a good view up top. Paragliders often fly off the summit.
Lake Serene/Bridal Veils Falls 8.2 2000 Beautiful alpine lake hike, with a waterfall along the way.
Heather-Maple Pass Loop 7.2 2000 One of my favorite hikes in the northwest. Further northeast from Seattle in the North Cascades, but the views are unreal. Combine it with a weekend trip to Winthrop.
Tiger Mountain (West Tiger # 3) 5 2100 This was a good easygoing ascending hike, but no views up top.
Mt. Pilchuk 5.4 2300 This is a great hike to do on a clear day because of the surrounding mountain views as you approach the fire lookout up top.
Mason Lake 6.5 2420 Another fun alpine lake hike. Can climb rocks around the lake.
Mt. Si 8 3150 This is a popular trail for an above average challenge. Beautiful view of Mt Rainier on a clear day.
Mt. Washington 8.5 3250 This is another above average challenge. Hard on the legs but a nice area to relax up top before the descent back down.
Blanca Lake 7.5 3300 Beautiful glacial lake with turquoise color water. Once you hit the highest elevation point, you'll have to climb down a little to get to the lake.
Mailbox Peak 7 4000 There is an old and new trail. I did the old one that involved some scrambling. The new one is supposed to be less difficult with more defined switchbacks.
Mt. St. Helens 10 4500 You need to obtain a permit to climb this mountain. Not a technical climb but there is some scrambling. Take your time and hope for a clear day to see the surrounding mountains at the top!