Mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest

Downhill Mountain biking

Resort Driving Distance from Seattle Description
Stevens Pass 2 hours Off Highway 2. There is a package deal available for a lift ticket, downhill mountain bike rental, and a 2 hour session with a guide to show you around the trails and give you some tips and tricks.
Whistler 4 hours Bring your passport to cross the border to Canada! You'll meet people from all over the world that come to ride the downhill trails at Whistler. The trails are so long here, you'll get wiped out pretty quickly. Plenty of places to refuel in the village in between shredding sessions.

Mountain bike Trails

Trail Driving Distance from Seattle Description
Duthie 30 minutes Mountain bike park in Issaquah. Lots of options for trail riding and technical features to build your skills
Paradise Valley 45 minutes Woodinville. 11 miles of single track
Galbraith 1.5 hours north Bellingham. Over 50 miles of singletrack